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Shanti Suites Crescent Head

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Friendly guy - fit and energetic.

Very approachable and easy to talk to and listen to. Amazing ability to identify birds by call - also calls birds down to you as you talk - by mimicking their calls - incredible to experience.

Confident, didn't talk down to anyone although his knowledge is clearly vast and long-standing - amongst hundreds of other bits and pieces he talked of having sighted a unique such and such bird at such and such place in 1978 or 1983 etc.

Knows a remarkable amount of interesting information about different bird species - not just the usual stuff - obviously based on his interest, passion and experience. It wasn't just about the obvious details about bird species.

It made it fascinating and one wanted to listen to him.

He has named a sub-species of bird in Australia (Satin Stork).

Seems to know the bird fraternity inside out. You felt you would enjoy spending time with him on a longer birding trip.

Comments from Sean Larkan of Crescent Head NSW after attending a Landcare bird day led by Greg.



Was on the last Washpool spotlighting tour with Greg and can highly recommend it.


It is so beautiful to be in such place at night, soaring massive tree trunks, fireflies everywhere and the amazing sounds of the night, so different to a day time visit!


The greater gliders were a revelation and so was the great viewing of the sooty owl!

Caz Eddy of Wooloweyah, near Yamba NSW