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Dr Greg Clancy has had a lifelong interest in the natural world. He has worked as an ecological consultant and National Parks Ranger for over 30 years. His PhD studies were on the Black-necked Stork in New South Wales and his Master of Science Degree was on the Osprey in Northern New South Wales. He completed a Bachelor of Science Degree at Macquarie University.

Greg's ecological work and regular bird watching trips have given him a close and detailed understanding of the flora and fauna of the New South Wales North Coast. Annual Gould League Camps have taken Greg to all parts of the state. 

Although not a twitcher, he enjoys encountering new species of plants and animals and has seen and photographed hundreds of species. His bird banding research has given him a broader perspective of the State's birds and his banding work on threatened species such as the Eastern Osprey, Beach Stone-curlew and Australian Pied Oystercatcher has provided knowledge of their distribution and habitats. He regularly monitors the nests of the Black-necked Stork and colour-bands the nestlings when they are accessible.

Greg has an extensive knowledge of the National Parks, forests, wetlands and other natural communities of the area. Rare and unusual observations of birds and other fauna and flora are recorded and forwarded to the relevant databases. Greg has published over 40 papers and notes on flora and fauna, mostly on birds.



To share the wonderful experiences of the natural world that I have daily, with as many people as possible and to encourage a respect and love for nature so that we can all work together to protect Australia’s biodiversity.

Greg is a member of the following groups and societies:

:: Birdlife Australia

:: Birding New South Wales

:: International Union for the Conservation of Nature Stork,

   Ibis and Spoonbill Specialist Group
:: The Frog and Tadpole Study Group
:: Clarence Valley Birdos

:: National Parks Association (Clarence Valley Branch)

:: Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition

:: Australian Bird Study Association Inc

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